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Welcome To The APCC Family: Dr. Brömme and Dr. Dewey

deweysurgery 1After expanding the walls of our hospital in December of 2012, we have slowly started to work towards maximizing the square footage we inherited. With the addition of two surgery suites, we had not, as yet, grown into our space. Earlier this year, one of our doctors moved to Northern California as his wife took on a new path in her own career. Our practice then moved from four doctors on staff to just three. We then began meticulously searching for the right people to welcome into our staff family. After an extensive process with multiple candidates, a pair of fantastic doctors rose above the rest of the pack: Dr. Maria Brömme and Dr. Ashley Dewey (seen here, in surgery). Their immersion into our wonderful team has truly been easier than we could have ever hoped. Our staff is very close, with some of our employees having been together as long as 9 years, so bringing in new people is not always such a simple task. However, these two have already started to fit right in and make themselves very welcome additions to the team. 

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