Lara Ashbran, DVM


laraashbranfamilyLara grew up in Redlands, California with her mother and brother. She also spent part of that time with her dad in Running Springs. There has never been a time in her life where she did not have at least one dog as a pet. When Lara was born, her family had two dogs: a Britney Spaniel and a Kuvasz, who were both so well behaved with her as a new baby. Having dogs around constantly during her childhood fostered her desire to work with animals as a career. Starting at 8 years old, Lara decided she wanted to become a veterinarian and never looked back. At the age of 16, she started her first job working at the local veterinary clinic as a kennel attendant and technician assistant.
Lara chose to attend Colorado State University for her Bachelor’s degree because of the veterinary school. While at Colorado State, she worked in a FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) laboratory, whose research was focused on trying to develop a vaccine to the FIV virus. After obtaining her 4-year Biology degree, Lara finished a Master’s in Anatomy and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State as well. Living in Colorado was pretty amazing and Lara took full advantage of enjoying the outdoors. She also adopted her first dog of her own: Sahara, a Boxer-Shar Pei-Pitbull mix. Lara absolutely viewed Sahara as her first child.

After finishing her Master’s degree, Lara was accepted into the inaugural veterinary class at Western University of Health Sciences. This is where Lara met her husband, Kevin. They both shared a love of animals and soccer and started dating during the first year of school. Another highlight of her time in veterinary school was the month she spent at the San Diego Wild Animal Park as well as a month with the Navy working with their trained dolphins and sea lions. Following veterinary school, Lara completed a 1 year medical and surgical internship at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Since finishing the internship, Lara has worked both in an emergency clinic and small animal general practices.  What Lara enjoys most about her job is seeing the close connection between owner and pet.
Lara now lives in Mission Viejo with her husband and daughter, Dempsey, and three dogs: Midge, Woolley, and Faru. In her spare time, she enjoys anything outdoors, especially hiking, camping, fishing and watching soccer.

Lara Ashbran, DVM

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