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bemer1What is BEMER?
BEMER is a device that emits specific frequencies of PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCY (PEMF) waves. PEMF has been studied for decades and has been shown to massively improve microvascular blood flow which in turn improves circulation overall. This improved circulation leads to optimal health by facilitating delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of toxins and waste products. The BEMER unit has been extensively studied with several peer-reviewed research articles proving benefits that you now have the opportunity to provide for your pets. There are over 1 million BEMER units in use in Europe. 

How does it work?
The BEMER device is a mat that is placed on the floor. Inside the mat is a network of copper coils which emits an electric current that creates a magnetic field. Dogs and cats are encouraged through positive reinforcement to rest on the mat for the approximately 8-15 minute therapy session. Most pets settle down quickly and rest quietly during their treatment. Various additional flexible bands are also available to focus therapy on a specific problem area if needed.   

But how does it really work? 
The electromagnetic frequency stimulates virtually all cells in the body, including: bone, muscle, immune system cells and even stem cells. PEMF has been shown to increase bone healing, improve muscle function and gene expression associated with stem cell functions. Some of the exact mechanisms of how cells positively respond to PEMF is still a mystery. One thing that is widely understood is that EMF delivered at the proper frequencies markedly increase microvascular circulation, which has numerous health benefits and allows the organism (dog, cat, horse, human) to experience an ideal state of health for the body to repair damage and improve vital functions. A few specific things happen after therapy including increased ATP production, normalization of cellular membrane potentials, increased oxygenation of tissues and improved removal of toxins from the cells. Watch this quick video to learn more: 

What does BEMER feel like? 
Mostly there is little perceptible sensation during a treatment. Some humans report mild tingling or possibly a mild feeling of warmth. Most humans report feeling relaxed, peaceful and energized. Dogs often seem to relax and go into a "state of zen”. 

How could my pet be helped using the BEMER therapy? 
We like to call it MOVE. Mobility. Optimization. Vitality. Energy. Pets receiving BEMER therapy may act "more perky", have more energy while exercising and have improved movement and use of the hind legs. People report having enhanced concentration, mental acuity and stress reduction, improved sleep, endurance and strength. 

Are there any side effects? 
There are no known short term or long term side effects. 

Can any pet use the BEMER device? 
Pets that are pregnant or have pace makers are not candidates for BEMER therapy. Pets that are undergoing chemotherapy or are prone to seizures should consult with the supervising doctor for an in-depth discussion of a risk/benefit analysis.   

What diseases does BEMER cure? 
NONE. BEMER therapy will increase microvascular circulation which can have widespread beneficial effects, but is not currently meant as a sole treatment for any disease condition. With increased circulation comes an increased cellular oxygen supply and removal of toxin and waste products. This process allows for increased natural healing and optimized cell metabolism and catabolism all equaling increased health, energy and vitality. 

How soon will I see a result in my pet? 
Results will vary from patient to patient, but it is a long-play type of strategy. Recommendations for all patients is to allow 8 weeks until clinical results start to appear. 

How often are treatments recommended?
It really depends. Effects on microvascular circulation are relatively short lived. Therefore, with severe conditions we would recommend twice daily treatments. For general wellness purposes, we typically start with treatments 3 times per week for the first 1-3 weeks, depending on response to therapy. Treatment frequency may eventually be tapered down to weekly sessions. Humans frequently have daily treatments, so there is definitely an "as much as possible" strategy to be aware of.

BEMER fun fact: Research from NASA has had a significant impact on pushing PEMF therapy forward because their studies with astronauts proved several health benefits. BEMER is currently under contract with NASA to construct new space suits embedded with its proprietary technology. 

How much does a BEMER session cost? 
Each session costs $35 and lasts between 8-15 minutes. 

Do you offer a mobile "at home" option? 
We are hoping to provide several mobile services including BEMER therapy soon. In the meantime, we offer a rental program which allows for home use at a cost of $99 per week and a maximum of 1 month.

Dr. Tellington talks about BEMER use in horses:

If you only watch one video, choose this one:

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